A Former Slave, from the settlements of the Eluvie


Dark Tan skin, like that of well cured leather, with deep dark brown eyes. Hair is of a shortish length and again a very dark brown, in low light, it looks almost black.

He is a little taller than other humans, but only by an inch or two. With a lithe body and somewhat elongated fingers and toes, the limbs are a little longer than what is considered normal.

Across his back, left to right, rests an exquisite curved blade, which has a gap between the two edges, which follows the inside of the curve of each side.

He is currently dressed in only the poor attire of the slave he was, plus some leather armour he liberated from the cold dead clutches of one of his former captors.


Having grown up in the settlement of T’sansprit Michovin had a fairly typical childhood, he was one of the few whom displayed some magical ability beyond that, that people typically express as children. For a lot of the children their innate abilities are either supressed or not expanded upon as they age. Very few have the desire and innate ability to learn more about their magical talent.

Michovin was only one of three of his generation who displayed serious talent, it did however clash with his desire to learn from the settlement war master. Which is typically a title these days as there has not been any wars or battles for hundreds of years. Still War masters pass on information and training down to each other, each selecting a replacement.

Michovin showed some talent with the blade and was the most talented youngster in the settlement. Before his curiosity got the better of him.

He entered the magical gatherings from a young age, burning with the desire to discover more about the origins of his magical abilities and where they came from.
Fire tales every week that pass on the legends of the heralds and those that came before them were eagerly listened to, as these heralds were likely beings of supreme abilities, surely they would have answers to the questions he needs answered.

After his childhood years of study in all areas, he participated in the flood running as all those who come of age do.

It was shortly afterwards that his interest in the stone buildings grew greater and greater. He urged others of the group to join him in exploring one. He was repeatedly shunned and discouraged from trying to incite an exploration, as the Eluvie are distrustful, due to many who come back having considerably disconcerting auras surrounding them.

Although Michovin is not conciously aware, there has been a subtle voice guiding and urging him closer and closer towards exploring a particular structure. Unbeknownst to Michovin the voice belongs to a sword of unknown origin.

Michovin was gone for nearly a week as he followed the silent pull deeper into the structure. He eventually came upon a chamber with a tomb upon which inscriptions suggested someone was buried. Next to it was a pedestal which bore what looked like a simple curved sword although of exquisite design.

Although with a huge sense of unease, and drumming heartbeat, Michovin wanted to leave, his left hand slowly reached out towards the sword.
Upon taking it’s hilt into his hand, the voices he’d been hearing sub conciously, disapeared.

T’sansprit is a settlement that is smaller in size than most others and hence did not get travelers as often as others. Michovin like the rest of his settlement grew up with an unease and subtle distrust of outsiders in comparison to other settlements.

After returning to his settlement he was markedly different, with all of the community whispering and warding as he passes. He knows his aura has changed though he cannot sense it himself. He knows only that it is something that the settlement distrusts.

He was asked to no longer attend the magical gatherings, and therefore set about experimenting with his magic on his own. The only member of the community to actively speak and acknowledge him was the old Warmaster. Who encouraged him to leave the settlements and find the answers that so troubled him after his return.

He decided to set out and travel on his own, being the first of his settlement and one of the very few of his people to have ever traveled beyond the floodplains.

Shortly after leaving the settlements and plains and visiting the nearest villages he was picked up by none other than the infamous Redwind. He fled with the other villagers, although was run down by men riding beasts that could only be described as demons from some unknown hell.

He has since in the interim, been kept as a slave for some unknown debt to be paid. Michovin has tried to escape a few times but each time been ridden down and given a sound beating. He refused to use his sword and instead tried to rely on out distancing and hiding. If they caught him, his sword would likely only get him killed anyway.


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