A tall well armored girl that cuts an impressive figure.


Eve is a tall and stocky girl, well built for fighting and carrying around her armor. She is part of the cursed Drell people who each have a physical affliction. Hers is in the form of grey and ashy skin and large jutting teeth that make it difficult for her to close her mouth. She currently wears a shining set of armour adorned with one diamond and carries a matching sword, this is makes her look far less scruffy than she used to, though her short black hair is still always messy.


Eve grew up in the city of Neatholm, a city built in a cavern under Dadaris, home to a tribe of the Drell. Orphaned as a young child Eve was taken in by Scarrow, a local hero. The Drell live in squalor but because of Scarrow Eve was always fed and clothed. Scarrow trained Eve as his successor as he got older and less able to defend the Drell as he had before. She spent her days learning how to fight, and read and write, honing her skills and helping the Drell in need whenever she could. By helping to feed them and provide them with a place to sleep. At night she looked at the stars and dreamt of becoming a star sworn and serving Drell.


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