Cailin Ledaal

A charismatic young thief who grew up on the streets of the pirate city of Shallow, Cailin Ledaal is far from home and bares raw scars to his mind, body, and soul.


5”10, light skinned, athletic build with long black hair on the unscarred side of his head and deep blue eyes. Cailin looks like he bares long healed scars from a serious burn along his left hand side and has a rather curious tattoo in the shape of a feather on the inside of his left wrist.

Currently wearing a sharp set of clothes in the fashion of Shallow which have seen far better days, and a long dark brown leather overcoat.

Character Sheet:


Cailin’s earliest memories are of begging for food as one of the many young waifs on the streets of Shallow, sleeping on a hard stone floor in a broken down temple to the avatar Cel. It didn’t take long for him to fall in with the cities cutpurses and sneakthieves , even less time to fall in love with their way of life, and just the almost pickpocket of an amused crime lord to earn a place in Capa Noce’s gang. Years later he would stop by the temple after particularly good heists to share some of his fortune with the latest generation of Shallow’s lost youths.


Years pass: battles are lost and won, lovers wooed and spurned, shiny swag purloined and poached.


For the last year Capa’s Noce and Ribera have fought a bloody little shadow war in the moonlit streets of Shallow. Just a month ago Noce finally thought he had an ace up his sleeve- the complete loyalty of a young maid in Ribera’s own mansion. Plans for a raid rushed forward when it became clear that some new item of extreme value was going to be passing through
Ribera’s home in the next few days and Cailin was chosen as part of small gang of the Noce’s best sneakthieves to strike a keen blow against both Ribera’s coffers and pride.

It was, in theory, a good plan, maps were provided, lamps dimmed, keys copied and windows left open just a crack to let in the fresh night air. At first it seemed to work like a charm, with
Cailin splitting off from the main group to track down the mysterious treasure currently being stored in the Ribera’s private library. When he got there Cailin was surprised to find it was
some sort of magic stone, not too impressive but obviously magical, clear with the odd shimmer as if charged with electrical energy, probably worth a great deal to someone.

Cailin’s memories of the moments after reaching for the stone with his left hand aren’t that clear, bright light, terrible burning pain, the sensation of being completely and utterly broken, and
a figure in the light speaking the words “This is my gratitude.”

His memories of directly afterwards are far sharper, alarms, raised voices, a long drop out of a tower that surely should have killed him. The alarm certainly killed all of his friends.

Over the next few nights Cailin barely managed to stay a step ahead of Ribera’s men and the bounty hunters seeking the rather large price on his head. Capa Noce provided no aid, barely resisting hiring his own bounty hunters- convinced that Cailin was hiding the treasure that Ribera seemed so outraged at losing.

Several stolen horses and a boat later Cailin is currently trying to make his way across the Tengara, reasoning that life in Dardaris or Chasms deep would be much better than a death in Shallow. Now if he could just get the damn hang of rowing before those storm clouds come in…

Cailin Ledaal

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