Chronicles of Severance II - The Lost Heralds

The Paths of Night

CoS II, Session 3

In which:
-Chris/Jamie/Natasha add the first hour in here?
-Cailin Ledaal found himself near starving and lost on a strange island after a failed attempt at crossing the Tengara lake.
“I was in the process of crossing the Tengara Lake when I came across the most unusual island which I felt compelled to explore.”
-Eve was brought to Cel’s night path for the first time by her master Scarrow, who led her through a rift to the island where Cailin had found himself. There Scarrow passed away, leaving behind a single bright gem which Cailin promptly stole.
“Truly a tragic loss, the world is a little darker without Scarrow in it.”
-Eve guided Cailin through the paths of night, back to the Drell tunnels beneath the scorched plains. There they joined Ylith(?), Michovin, Gretch, Cal, and a small Drell scouting group who were waiting for Scarrow and Ever to return before heading back to their tribes settlement. During conversation:
—the drell learned that the tunnels to the east, normally used to reach the surface, had collapsed.
—that their chiefs sons belongings had been found by Illith and Michovin near the cave in
-The newly formed group headed though the tunnels back towards the Drell settlement, and on when passing through a particularly dangerous region found the bodies of two Dardaris council members wearing symbols of vael, their official robes (taken by Illith and Cailin), masks (taken by Illith and Cailin), some gold (shared by the party), and a chain shirt (given to the drell chieftain as a gift later).
-Giving into sentimentality, Cailin gave Eve the small gem left by her fallen master. It merged with her armor, remaking it as if new in a bright flash of light and taking a position inset in the armor itself.
-The Drell town turned out to be a small settlement on a island in the middle of an underground lake, lit by the glow of a peculiar breed of mushroom. Michovin proved deathly scared of water so the group received an audience with the Drell Chief on the edge of the lake. There they where granted sanctuary in the Cel temple on the island and learned that the remaining path to the surface was blocked by a neighboring, savage, tribe.



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