Chronicles of Severance II - The Lost Heralds

Opening Trade

CoS II, Session 4-5

In which:
-The party agreed to clear the remaining path to Dardaris of the violent tribe of Drell living there so as to secure their own path to the surface and a way for Underhome to remains supplied with their previous path now in ruin.
-The party travelled to the Drell town of Neatholm and spent the night resting in the temple to Cel were they found pictures showing armored figures, similiar to Eve leading Drell from Dardaris to Neatholm
-The party consulted a local oracle where they received a Blessing and learned that:
—The Drell blocking the path to Dardaris were lead by a group of outsiders
—The more primitive/violent Drell tribes respect strength, and in the past Scarrow had achieved much via challenges to single combat
—Yilith’s bloodline curse was prohecised to end when only one of her line remained
—Cailins “tattoo” was the mark of some old power long absent from this world, and that it’s touch was enough to temporarily blind the oracles sight
-Yilith, Michovin, Eve, and Cailin overheard the Drell chief and the head of the small party of Drell they travelled with earlier quarreling about whether or not he should be allowed to mount an expedition to clear the only remaining path to the surface of a vicious Drell tribe
-Cailin helped convince the Drell ranger to stay behind, with mixed success
-The party learned from the Drell ranger the general layout of the settlement in the tunnels leading to the surface
-The party asked that the Drell chieftain look after Gretch and ensure that his intolerances didn’t land him in too much trouble, they also had some success in getting Gretch to engage with the Drell by looking at the community as an untapped trading opportunity
-Cailin gave Cal his lucky coin to hold on to whilst the party went forward to clear the path

-The party closed in on the encampment by stealth before entering into a bloody combat at the enemy Drell encampment and captured two minor tribe members, a vicious spider mutated Drell with a superiority complex, and a Vael Cultist wearing the same clothes as the cultists/council members seen in other parts of the tunnel. About half the Drell encampment remain unaccounted for.
-Interrogating the cultist, they were told that:
—A T’Relak was recently defeated in Dardaris by a powerful group that helped defend the city in its recent siege, and that its release/the siege was the work of the Vaelian cultists
—That same T’Relak will regenerate soon and destroy the city now that the defenders are gone and none remain powerful enough to sate its hunger
—The cultist was supposed to secure a means of speedy egress for her comrades in the city, for when the T’Relak awakens
-Exploring the newly depopulated tunnels they found:
—A note describing the search for Gaston’s (the T’Relak “slayer”) blade in the hopes that it might be corrupted and used to control the T’Relak threat
—A large stockpile of food and equipment
—A weapon that appears to be Gastons “blade”, a scalpel in a box fit for a longsword and with a preference for those with a direct link to the avatars
—a throne room filled with blood and the small bones of the children of the Drell encampment. It seems that the cultists took the Drell children as hostages but later decided they could just eat them (part of the well stocked larder!) and claim they were untouched. The encampment leader seems outraged but not that surprised and ranted about how working with the cultists would lay the path for the Drell to realise their potential as children of Valice and take their rightful place, by force, on the surface.


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